The Pain

by | May 19, 2008 | Disappointment, Poem, Suffering

Which was worse, the pain to His flesh or the pain to His heart?
Which one really killed Him and tore Him apart?
For pain to the flesh will eventually go away;
But pain to the heart can last forever and a day.  

What Christ had to endure, was pain beyond belief;
But when we turned our backs on Him, did He die of grief?
Jesus, my sweet Jesus Christ, how could anyone possibly deny;
You hanging on that wooden cross, until you finally died.  

I believe in you precious Savior, I give you my devotion and my trust;
You who made us………..from nothing but the dust.
The pain to your flesh, Master, you took it all in stride;
Oh but the pain to your heart Lord, is that what made you die?    

Pat Finn


The Pain