Fighting the Door

by | May 21, 2006 | Bible, Relationship

The elderly lady was handed the half open door of a side entrance of the shopping centre. They thought they were being kind in not just letting it close, but the young entering shoppers didn’t see what happened next.

Rather than open the door, the slightly built senior citizen grasped the heavy glass door with both hands as it’s automatic closing system began to work.

I watched as this frail frame of a human slowly slid backwards on the smooth tiles. The door was stronger than her! It was funny to watch, even though serious, particularly because it all happened in slow motion.

The happy ending occurred when two teens raced up to assist, stopping the closing door and gradual slide. With a wonderful and gracious smile she finally entered the centre.

Sometimes life closes when we want it to open. It’s much stronger that we are, and we may even get to the point of asking, what do we do now?

Here’s David’s cry…

My sad life’s dilapidated, a falling-down barn, build me up again by your Word.” Psalms 119:28

TODAY, get into His Word rather than ‘fighting the door’!

Bruce Wadd


Fighting the Door