Pus-Filled Wound

by | May 24, 2004 | Healing, New Life, Spiritual Growth

Everyone’s had one, a wound that wouldn’t heal, and then it filled with pus!!

As a child, growing up on a farm, getting injured was almost a daily occurrence. My brother and I became ‘tough’ boys, regularly taking skin off our knees or feet as we played games in the bush, up trees and around the paddocks.

For some reason, though, my wounds always healed a little slower than my brother’s injuries. I always seemed to have problems with infection, and squeezing out pus became quite a natural past time (even to the point of being ironically enjoyable). I was left with many noticeable scars because of the slow healing of wounds.

Doctors will tell you that some wounds never actually heal. The pus stays inside as a protective covering, whilst the scar shields the wound from further injury. To fully heal this blemish needs to be lanced so that all of the harmful substance can be removed, the wound cleaned, and complete healing can take place.

You may have past hurts in your life that have never healed – memories that linger deep in your consciousness, and some hidden in the sub-consciousness, which seem to continue pouring out ‘pus’.

God sees and understands each part of you, including the deep ‘pus-filled’ wounds of the past. He can heal every wound, and in His time, will point them out, and help you to lance them, deal with the hurt and provide complete healing.

“The humble shall see their God at work for them. No wonder they will be so glad! All who seek for God shall live in joy. For Jehovah hears the cries of his needy ones, and does not look the other way.” Psalms 69:32,33

TODAY, let God heal your painful wounds of the past!

Bruce Wadd brucewadd@todaysthought.sharesong.org


Pus-Filled Wound