Morning Snow

by | May 24, 2004 | Beauty, Presence, Provision

Psalm 147:16a – He sends the snow in all its lovely whiteness. (TLB)

When I peered out the window early in the morning, I discovered God had sent us snow in all its lovely whiteness. It would be a beautiful snow-glistening day. A couple of inches of the white frozen flakes covered the ground. The pine trees were drooping from the freshly fallen snow. This was a winter rarity in our part of the country. It certainly was much beauty for our eyes to behold.

So many times when the weatherman says we might receive snow, I tend to think about the danger of driving on slick roads. Yet this unexpected white beauty all around us was delightful, as we enjoyed the snow in all its charming whiteness.

Often our days begin with something that we perceive as dangerous. Perhaps a child awakens feeling ill, or there is a telephone call telling about an unexpected problem to be faced when we arrive at work that day.

Turning to Jesus can soothe the anxieties that suddenly engulf us. When we cry out to Him, His love overflows us and we recover our peace once again. Just like that bejewelled, snow-filled day, our anxieties become a time filled with God’s grace, and we enjoy the day in all its abundance.

Prayer: Thank You, Jesus, that You always hear when we cry out to You. Thank You that the same God who soothes our apprehensions, also sends the beauty of new life in the spring, resplendent colour in the fall, and lovely white snow in the winter. Amen.

Melva Cooper
Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA

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Morning Snow