I Hope I Celebrate Father’s Day in Heaven

by | May 25, 2003 | Father's Day, Heaven, Sons and Daughters of God

I hope they celebrate Father’s Day in Heaven

Cause if there ever was a special Daddy, it was you!

I remember not being able to wait for you to come home from work. Sometimes you were gone before I awoke and returned after I was asleep in my bed.

I remember crawling out of bed when I heard your voice, running and jumping into your arms, and smelling the fresh scent of pine. You always had that big old grin, when I would say, “I missed you, Daddy”.

Then you would give me a big old squeeze and sit down and hold me on your knee. You would bounce me a couple times and ask me, how was your day. Then you would hold me tight against your chest and say, “I missed you too honey”.

During all my growing years I never had any fears, for I knew you would always be there for Momma and Me.

You were my tower of strength; you were the invincible one! Whenever I was in need, you were always there for me!

And as I grew into womanhood, you were there still. When I gave birth to my son, you were there to drive me to the hospital, you lovingly kissed me on the cheek and said, “Honey, I can’t help you with this one”, but you did more than you will ever know. And when my husband left us without even a goodbye, you became Grandpa and Daddy to my son, “Your Little Bud”.

You couldn’t have been prouder! You were his father figure, mentor and friend. I will be forever grateful to you, for you filled in the gap, the one his father left. God saw that he had a daddy after all, a fine male role model to call, his Grandpa.

As you grew older and your health began to fail, you still wanted to know that, you Bud was okay. It hurt us to see your once strong body growing frail. Ravaged by the thief called, “Parkinson’s Disease”. God called you home from your suffering when Bud was only fifteen, and then he called Momma eight months after losing you.

It was a very dark time in my life, saying good-bye to both my towers of strength, my hero and my heroine; my two best friends. I thought my life would surely end!

God must have given me the strength of steel, for with out Him I could not of healed and dealt with such loss. My family foundation had crumbled under my feet. But the Lord sought not to allow defeat!

For I went ahead and pursued a career, providing for my son, taking care of our old family home even improving upon it. I raised my son to grow into a fine example of a man. Daddy, if you’re looking down, you can see that he has grown to be the father; you would have hoped he would be.

So, if they’re celebrating Father’s Day in Heaven, I hope there’s something extra special there for you, for my exceptional Father and friend. I love you and miss you and till we meet again, keep a song in your heart and a smile on your lips. Happy Father’s Day!

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I Hope I Celebrate Father’s Day in Heaven