An Angel in a Pick-up Truck

by | May 27, 2002 | Angels, Experiencing God, Miracles, Provision

It was the first really big snow storm of the 2003-04 season. My aunt and uncle are both well in their 80’s. Both have cancer. He has cancer of the prostate, and a weakened heart condition. She is battling breast cancer, recently having her second breast removed.

Depressed over their medical conditions and really feeling rotten with the cold weather, they decided one day to take a Senior Citizen Bus Trip to Atlantic City, New Jersey. (The live in Patchague, Long Island, New York) hours away. (Neither of them drive outside of their immediate area) So, they thought this would be a good time to meet people and get out of the house, and they wouldn’t have to drive.

When they arrived at Atlantic City, they were given tokens and discount coupons for the huge dinner buffet. They chatted with other people from the bus trip and really had a nice time.

On the way back they were caught in a bad snow storm. In fact, for a time they pulled over on the side of the road, because the driver could not see out the windshield.

It seemed to them that every one on the bus had cell phones, and were calling friends and family telling them not to expect them on time, and that they were stuck in the storm. Neither my aunt of uncle ever had a cell phone…those modern inventions seemed foolish to them. Now they wished they had one.

How were they going to shovel their car out of the bus parking lot? They wished they had a cell phone to call their son who lived about a half hour away from them, to tell him to meet them later and help dig out their car.

Getting back to Long Island took hours longer than they expected. The driver was extremely cautious and got them back very late, but safe.

Then the task of digging out the car. Neither of them were dressed for a snow storm, and neither was the car equipped with things to help in the storm. The only thing they could use to move the snow was the rubber floor mats. They used them like huge scoopers to remove the snow from the car. Then they had to use them under the wheels of the car to get traction enough to get out of the snow.

By this time some snow plows were out shoveling and they managed to get to their driveway. They lived on a busy road, so the area was somewhat compacted from the plows, but a mound of snow was in front of their long driveway. They tried to get the car off the road because they were worried someone would come around the corner and hit them. They put their blinkers on and an orange cone near the rear of the car.

They tried walking. But the snow in the driveway was up to their thighs. They just couldn’t take a step, the snow was just too high! How in the world would they be able to get to their front door and into their warm home?

Worried that one of them would have a heart attack, my aunt said “God Help Us!”

All of a sudden a young guy in a pick up truck stopped and asked if they needed help. Of course they said Yes!, and that they would pay him anything, just to get into their house where it was warm.

My aunt said when she spoke to him, he smiled and she instantly felt warmer.

After this young man looked over the situation, he said he would be right back. He was going to put a plow on his truck and he would plow them out. He also asked them if they wanted to get in his truck to stay warm. They said “No thanks” they would stay with their car. In the meantime they were freezing!

Soon the young man in the pick up truck came back. My uncle offered him money before he started to plow His answer was always “Later, Sir, later”

He finally made a path that they could walk to their house. My uncle said he was going to change his clothes and come out and help him do the areas he couldn’t get with the plow.

He changed his clothes, put on boots, and went to move his car into their long driveway. The young man was plowing along side of him.

My aunt came out with some hot coffee. She gave a thermos to my uncle (who was getting out of the car). They both turned around to give a thermos to the young man. HE WAS GONE!!

He had been along side my uncle’s car one minute before. He couldn’t have turned around…he couldn’t have driven backwards that fast! They couldn’t even see his lights! Where did he go!

My aunt started to cry. My uncle did too! My aunt said “Carole (that’s me) always sends me angels just when I need them….This one GOD sent.! Yes He sent…AN ANGEL IN A PICKUP TRUCK!

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An Angel in a Pick-up Truck