Wanting That Woman

by | May 25, 2002 | Passion

In the year leading up to my marriage to my wife we chose to spend our time apart and establish our careers. This meant living a thousand kilometers apart, meaning plenty of phone calls, plane flights and all-night drives to see the one I loved.

I can particularly remember my fiancé’s tears as we said goodbye at the airport the last time we were seeing each other prior to our wedding. That last fleeting glance, that final touch, that one last word, before disappearing down the walkway, was treasured immensely!

Then life became a process of yearning day after day, looking forward to a lifetime together!

During those long times apart the face of my partner-to-be gradually faded in the memory, and I am horrified by the thought! I really wanted that woman – to be close to her as much as possible! Photos, letters and phone calls became the survival tools for our suffering relationship.

Let me ask you, do you have that same yearning for Jesus? A passion to spend time with Him, getting to know and love Him? Remember, He came and spent time on earth, lived, died and rose again, purely because of His passionate love for you.

Here is David’s passion…

“This one thing I know: God is for me!” Psalms 56:9

TODAY, pray for a desire to really want Him like never before!

Bruce Wadd brucewadd@todaysthought.sharesong.org


Wanting That Woman