What Has Happened to Us

by | May 28, 2001 | Poem, Sons and Daughters of God

My Father in heaven, I bow my head in despair
Asking “what has happened to us”

We as Christians believe right above wrong
Yet we sat and watch as evil prevails

The child that was molested yesterday
The lady that was raped and murdered
It seems that no one has anything to say

A young lady aborted her baby, she didn’t want anymore
How sad I am , what is wrong with four

We know we are to love our neighbor as “yourself”
Who lives next door to us, the one on the left

God has not turned His back on us
We have turned away from Him
Oh how He loves you and me
What are we going to do for thee

Father forgives us as we turn our backs
What on earth has happened to us?
As His children we know the facts

Sarah Berthelson


What Has Happened to Us