Things We Take for Granted

by | May 28, 2001 | Blessing, Poem

Lord, you know I take for granted,
My hearing and my sight.
And at times I forget to thank you,
When I say my prayers at night.  

I feel blessed that I’m not speechless, Lord,
So I can spread your precious word,
And if I fail to be your messenger,
Your loving truths may not be heard.  

So many things we take for granted Lord,
And we fail to realize,
Until we meet someone on life’s highway,
Whose deaf and dumb, or have no eyes.  

These feet I take for granted Lord,
That I can’t afford to lose,
Have helped me walk that extra mile,
In someone else’s shoes.  

So Lord, I want to thank you now,
For blessings me so much,
With these five senses you’ve given me,
Sight, taste, smell, hear, and touch.  

© 2004 by Vickie Lambdin


Things We Take for Granted