Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

by | Jun 1, 2000 | Priorities, Treasure, Wealth

Earlier this century, Mr. Schwab, the President and major shareholder of the giant Bethlehem Steel Corporation in America, had given away millions of dollars. He had bequeathed schools, churches and hospitals, and gave $2 million for a home for orphaned and crippled children in New York. Yet when he was asked about the pleasure of giving, he replied: “Giving? The man with too much money can’t really give. He can sign his name on a check, and money will automatically pass from his account into someone else’s. But what he has given he has never seen and it means nothing to him. He does not need it. He has sacrificed nothing. He could not use the money even if he had kept it. So where does the pleasure or thrill of giving come in?”

Mr. Schwab then went on to say what money could not do. “There is no enjoyment in great wealth,” he said. “One of the great joys in life is in having something to look forward to – something just out of reach – something that you are not quite able to afford. When a person reaches the place where they can get anything that the world can offer simply by writing a cheque, they have cut loose from happiness unless they are fortunate enough to have interests apart from money. Of course, young people will not believe this,” he continued. “They think they would be deliriously happy if they could become millionaires. Millionaires! Nonsense! How long will it take them to learn that the things worthwhile in life are things on which the dollar sign is never stamped, things for which money has no buying power?”

The Bible gives two contrasting examples of wealth and giving. The first is the widow’s offering. Rich people gave to the temple treasury, but the poor widow put in two small copper coins. Her gift was the greater because of her poverty. The second example is that of the rich ruler. He had obeyed all the Commandments but when he was challenged to part with his wealth, he could not do it.

As Mr. Schwab said, one of the great joys in life is having something to look forward to. Perhaps there is something just out of your reach or something worth striving for that can’t be bought with money? Don’t resign because of youth, age or inexperience – go for it.

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Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?