I Go and Seek

by | May 29, 2000 | Poem, Relationship

‘Pon the highest mountaintop, I go to seek for peace.
Seeking the valleys, among the herds of sheep and flying geese.
I look inside my heart and try to see the comfort there,
For all the ones in America, who’ve, lost loved ones, in chaos everywhere.

I look at the tall buildings and wonder, are they a safe haven?
As planes, flying over, far up, as though, to be a raven.
Yet, we wonder, will it ever cease to be, a place of ungodly love?
We will wonder of the world about us, until we’re safely with God above?

My neighbor comes and confesses concern, only to learn
I feel so much safety, in my own home, no concern.
For, I have asked God inside, to reside inside my heart each day . . .
That all the evil things, He’ll take care of, without delay.

He’s on the highest mountaintop and in the valley, down below
He, tells me, wherever I go, He will most surly too, go.
He’s inside my heart tonight; we’ve become the greatest friends.
So, if you want safety, whether here, or in Heaven, it’s to Him, you amend.

He’s the bright and morning star; He’s King of Kings, you see.
He’s the light of the world; it’s He who won the victory.
Long ago, ‘pon a hill, nailed to a tree, He’s Lord, I seek no more.
For, He has promised life eternal, as we go meet Him, on that golden shore.

©Pearlie Duncan Walker wildfern@comcast.net


I Go and Seek