Death Hath No Mercy

by | May 29, 2000 | Death, Grace, Poem

There’s death all around me
Silent mourning fills the air
Loneliness surrounds me,
Bringing sorrow and despair.  

All of my hopes have vanished
Even justice is unfair
Just look inside this empty shell
You’ll find death is lurking there.  

Tis cold, and  dark, and dreary
Sorrow fills my heart and mind.
Only distant dreams come near me,
And they too, will fade with time.  

Life and death are holding hands
And death won’t wait on any man
Death hath no mercy on any soul
It chases the young, and embraces the old.  

But wait! there’s a flicker of light
Glowing deep in my soul
That death can’t touch, nor dare control
And it was placed there by,” The Lord’s saving grace.”  

And in my soul, death hath no place.  

Psalms 116: 3:4The sorrows of death compassed me,And the pains of hell gat hold of me,I found trouble and sorrow.Then called I upon the Lord,O Lord, “I beseech thee,Deliver my soul.”

© 2004 by Vickie Lambdin  

I wrote this poem last week after a friend of mine had committed suicide. She was so full of grief and despair, that she did it on the spur of the minute, without calling me or anyone else.


Death Hath No Mercy