The Face

by | Jun 4, 1999 | Focus, Poem, Relationship

I recall the face so sweet;
A face, yet plain, though lovely –
A face like most mothers, I guess,
Simply molded, but lovely.
Down through many years, I wondered,
What about Jesus Christ’s Face?
Then, I began to learn the lessons
He taught and His radiant grace!
I said, “If I had known love,
things would be different, I know!”
Mother said, “I have done that all my life,
 that you and others may know.”
She said, “I have given my love of Christ,
in all life’s work and relations to show.”
That was really a surprise, and I meditated
For all the great examples of love to know.
The lessons I learned are so simple,
All part of my life.
It is funny, the face of Jesus …
I had been shown it all my life?
When you want to see His face,
Please look in the right place –
In the face of His people.
For, the Glory of Christ is in their face!

© by (Howard) Vern Nicholson


The Face