What Is Death?

The Face

I recall the face so sweet;A face, yet plain, though lovely -A face like most mothers, I guess,Simply molded, but lovely. Down through many years, I wondered,What about Jesus Christ's Face?Then, I began to learn the lessonsHe taught and His radiant grace! I said, "If...

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I Hear Your Cry

So, why do you cry, When you live so wrong? Why do you cry When you have no song? Why are you so content To live in deep sin? You try every thing; Gamblin', dope, and gin. You have greed, lust, and pride; Brag of exploits, all things tried. You run to and fro, and on...

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Prayer Secrets

I used to go to church and hear the preacher say, "If you don't have Jesus, you'll be in hell someday!" The preachers used to preach hard and by the hour. I heard one say, "Pray 15 minutes and listen for an hour."   I heard many prayers to Jesus, like he was...

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Have you ever sat in the prison so strong, That is, because you did a great wrong? It might be real or imagined, of course ... Was not your fault, some other old horse. Square away, now! Each is responsible for his own sin. Discipline is the beginning of learning, you...

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I came into the world, just three months too soon.Lost my eyesight, can't tell midnight from noon!I was so small, my body not developed to full size;My kidneys, bladder, and also blind in both eyes.I lived for years with my family and went to school.I had lots of...

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Victory in Christ

Death searches the flowers, birds and trees. Death has come, from the body it frees. Death can never conquer one. All it does is set me free. Death came.  I flew away to the arms of Christ, you see! Death can't hold...

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What We Need Is Who Hate Sin

What we need is men who hate sin! We need a few, who won't sell out again! Men of conviction, love and concern. That those lost in sin, they might learn! What we need is men who hate sin! We need a few, who call sin - SIN! We know they...

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Howard Vern Nicholson