The Lonely Cross

by | Jun 3, 1999 | Lonliness, Poem, Sacrifice, Salvation

Dedicated to my Mother and Aunt Opal

I am alone, yet I am not sad.
I once held the Savior, for that I am glad.

I am but a piece of wood
who held Christ, who gave all He could.

I once belonged to a grand old tree.
Yes, I held Jesus who died so your soul could be free.

He carried me though the evil city.
I held him while few of you took pity.

My job is done. His body is not here.
I wonder . . . did you shed a tear?

I stayed for days upon the hill.
I saw Christ return again. Can you image the thrill?

A piece of wood is all that I am meant to be,
But the Prince of Peace is here for all who have eyes and wish to see.

The question remains deep within my heart–
Would you be willing to take His cross and do your part?

B. J. Cassady Copyright ©2001 B.J. Cassady


The Lonely Cross