by | Jun 2, 1999 | Conviction, Courage, Poem

Daniel was a righteous man.
He found favor in God’s eyes.
But, he was thrown into the lions den,
By King Darius and his spies.

King Darius and his mighty men;
A new law, had they decreed …
A plan to worship only him.
But, Daniel disagreed.

Now, Daniel got down on his knees
At least, three times a day.
And to his Living God, above,
He would always kneel and pray.

King Darius became angry
And told Daniel he had sinned,
By ignoring his new decree …
To fall down and worship him.

So, the King consulted with his princes,
And followers within,
To lead Daniel from the palace
And into the lion’s den.

Then, the King said to Daniel,
“The God you serve, He will deliver you.”
But, Daniel didn’t say a word,
Until his ordeal was through.

Now, God’s angels came into the night
To shut the lions mouth.
And when the King arrived at dawn,
He knew there was no doubt …

That Daniel’s God was ‘The Living God’.
So, man should tremble and fear.
For, He delivered Daniel from the lions mouth.
Without harm, He did appear.

Now, King Darius made a new decree
For his people, throughout the land,
To worship Daniel’s ‘Living God’
And to follow Daniel’s plan.

© 2001 by Vickie Lambdin [email protected]