A Warning From the Lord

by | May 31, 1999 | God Speaks, Listening, Miracles, Protection

I heard a guest lecturer at Christ for the Nations in Dallas, Texas tell another interesting story involving not a kairos moment, but a kairos season of building boundaries (paga) of protection.

He had a vivid reoccurring dream, which he felt strongly was a warning from the Lord, of his married daughter dying. In the dream he was not shown how her death happened, but he felt strongly that Satan had a well-laid plan to take his daughter’s life. So as not to alarm her, he told only his son-in-law and the two of them began to intercede (paga) daily for her safety. They were building boundaries (paga) of protection around her.

This minister related how several times a day-while he worked, drove his car, walked, whenever it came to mind-he would bind Satan’s plan to take his daughter’s life. “How would he do this?” Some might ask. “What did he say?” He probably said things like:

“Father, I bring my daughter to You.” That is creating a “meeting” (paga) with God.

“I ask You to protect her from any trap Satan has set for her. You said You would deliver us from the snare of the trapper” (see Ps. 91:3). That is building “boundaries” (paga) of protection.

“Thank You for laying this prayer burden on me that I might lift off and carry away from her (nasa) this assignment of death.” That’s having someone else’s burden or weakness “laid or.” (paga) us.

“Satan, I bind this plan of yours and break any hold you may have gained in this situation. Your weapons against her won’t prosper and you’re not going to take her life.” That is “meeting” (paga) the enemy to break.

“I do this in the name of Jesus!” That’s basing all our prayers on the work Christ has already done. It’s representing Him…administering what He has already accomplished …enforcing His victory.

About a month later-remember, I said this was a kairos season and I said he prayed daily-his daughter received a promotion at work. With the promotion came a life insurance policy which mandated a physical exam.

At one point in the process, after a blood sample had been taken, a doctor addressed her in a near panic with the question and comments, “Lady, what have you been doing in your diet? We can find no potassium in you at all! You should be dead. There is no reasonable explanation as to why you’re alive. When this deficiency occurs a person normally feels fine but suddenly drops dead. We must get you to the hospital immediately and begin to replenish the potassium.”

She lived, of course. She had been on a strange diet for several weeks during which she had eaten only one or two kinds of food. Though there was no reasonable explanation as to why she lived, we know the spiritual explanation: A boundary (paga) of protection built in the spirit through prayer.

Intercessory Prayer by Dutch Sheets, p.87-88. 1996, Gospel Light/Regal Books, Ventura, CA 93003. Used by Permission.


A Warning From the Lord