Broken Hip

by | Jun 10, 1998 | Blessing, Praise, Suffering, Trials

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I would like to share something with each of you. Perhaps it will bring some kind of blessing to you

I am praising God for a recent happening in my life.

Three days before Christmas, 2000, as I was kneeling down beside the bathtub running my bath, I felt – and heard – a C-R-U-N-C- H!!! My right hip had given away and there I was alone on the bathroom floor, I had already undressed for my bath and it WAS COLD!!! What to do? I prayed right off and I felt quite calm but I had to do something to help my situation right away. First, I pulled myself with my elbows out of the bathroom and into my bedroom (about 6-8 ft). Next I pulled the comforter off my bed to cover myself with and then it occurred to me to phone my daughter. She arrived a short time later and proceeded to help me into some clothes and then called 9-1-1. I was in SO much pain by this time that I couldn’t think straight.

The ambulance arrived and the EMTs gave me some painkiller and started an IV then strapped me on the stretcher and carried me out to their vehicle. They took me to the local hospital but later I was transferred to another one. Before it was all said and done, I had to have 2 hip surgeries – one to put in a plate and pin and finally a total hip replacement. I spent one month in the hospital and a 2nd month with my daughter.

You are probably thinking “SO WHAT”? People have hip surgeries all the time. What about it? Just this. The reason for the break in the first place and the surgery had to be done over was because my bone was too soft to hold the pin. The reason it was too soft is because I had been neglecting my diet for about 3 years. My diet consisted of soda pop, fast food and anything sweet. My body was becoming completely depleted of Calcium and also Iron. My doctor was very plain with me. He said If don’t change my diet I will die a premature death. Believe me – I do want to live. Besides that, my body is the temple of God and I wasn’t treating it very good. And so I am praising God that He allowed my hip to break at home – rather than out someplace — and I am praising God that He allowed the hip to give way while there is still time for me to mend my eating habits.

If you are tempted to not give your body enough of the nutrients it needs – take heed. It WILL catch up with you.

Wynona Gordon (Received on Sunday February 25, 2001)


Broken Hip