Our Approach to Life

I have a vivid memory of two back-to-back nights in Chicago. One evening I met with a good friend who informed me she was leaving her husband, also a close friend. "He doesn't meet my needs," she said. "I know he tries to be a good husband and good father, but I've...

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Dedicating Surgeries

I know a hand surgeon who specializes in reattaching fingers that have been partially or completely severed in accidents. When he enters the operating room, he knows he will be squinting into a microscope for six to eight hours, sorting out and stitching together the...

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I Can’t Go On! It’s Too Sad

My wife leads a weekly "Christian circle" at a nursing home. An Alzheimer's patient named Betsy faithfully attends, led there by a staff worker, and sits through the hour. Betsy is slender, with snow-white hair, blue eyes, and a pleasant smile. Every week Janet...

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Does God Care?

A youth pastor in Colorado, had just learned his wife and baby daughter were dying of AIDS. The mother had received a contaminated blood transfusion just before her delivery date. "How can I talk to my youth group about a loving God?" He asked me. "How can I tell them...

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Prayer Elsewhere

Prayer meetings in the U.S. often focus on illnesses and requests for healing. Not so elsewhere.I asked a man who visits unregistered house churches in China whether Christians there pray for a change in harsh government policies. After thinking for a moment, he...

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Mom’s Night Out

Once a week or so my church schedules a "Mom's Night Out," with free babysitting for single mothers who need a night off or mothers who simply want to spend an evening with their husbands. Our pastor's wife once happily took advantage of this programme to go out to...

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Radio News

The British novelist and playwright David Lodge was watching one of his own creations, a satirical revue, the evening of November 22, 1963. The theatre audience chuckled as an actor in the play showed up for a Job interview with a transistor radio clutched to his ear,...

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Philip Yancey