Praise Report! Passed Oral Exams!

by | Sep 18, 2021 | Miracles, Praise Report

We had been asked to pray for Josh, who was going through final written and oral exams for medical school. Here are his praise reports:

Today morning I had my oral exam, and by the grace of God I passed! It was tough, but there were a few miraculous moments in between where I was sure that what I said did not come of me, but from the Lord. He guided the examiners in such a way that at the end, what I was able to see was enough to pass.
Last weekend I also was able to know that I have a very good chance of passing the written exam from almost a month back.
This was nothing but a miracle by the Lord! All glory and honor to Him alone! I thank you all for supporting me in prayer – it means a lot to me! May God bless you all and the fruit of your labor.

With much love, Joshua

We then received a note from Josh’s mother:

God’s abundant grace, Joshua has cleared all his exams and God has allowed him to go t o the next year.
Thank you so much for your earnest prayers.
God Bless you all and the ministry as well.

Josh’s Mother

Praise Report! Passed Oral Exams!