Running by Faith

by | Aug 3, 2021 | Faith, Guidance

“For we walk by faith, not by sight.” (2 Corinthians 5:7 NKJV)

The steps came at him faster than I could get to him.

My wife and I and our two oldest grandboys once visited Star Fort in Ninety Six, South Carolina, USA, the site of an American Revolutionary War battle. As we walked onto the battlefield, we were met by a small overlook tower. Our oldest grandson wanted to climb the steps to take a look. Since the steps weren’t steep, I gave him the go-ahead.

When I finished giving him a rundown of the battle and answering his questions, he was ready to walk the trail across the battlefield — a little too ready. He forgot that he couldn’t run down steps like he ran on level ground. Halfway down, he stumbled and fell face forward down several steps. I hollered for him to hold on as I tried to pick up my pace and rescue him.

Fortunately, he received only a wood burn. After a few minutes of crying, he was off to the next “clue” — as he called it — which told him more about the battle.

The apostle Paul walked by faith and said that all believers do as well. But I often have the same trouble that my grandson did. I want to run by faith when I need to slow down and walk. When I do, I fall down the steps and there is the potential for a number of things to happen.

When I run by faith, I get ahead of God — as Sarah and Abraham did when they tried to hurry up God’s plan to give them a promised son.

Running by faith can cause me to outpace my spiritual maturity level. I may think that I’m ready for God’s next assignment when actually I’m not.

Running by faith leads to overdependence on self. I forget that I need God in every detail of my life. I can’t handle anything by myself without making a mess of it.

When I try to run by faith, I often fall into sin, disobedience, and manipulative behaviour — all actions that will interfere with God’s guidance of my life.

Experiencing any of these hurts that come from trying to run by faith can make us bitter, angry, and frustrated — none of which will enhance our faith walk.

Let’s not run by faith. Let’s just settle for walking.

Prayer: Father, hold us closely as we walk with You by faith. Amen.

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Running by Faith