The Seasons

by | Jun 7, 2020 | Poem

Once again, autumn sweeps across this land.
Trees are dressed in hues of red and gold;
such a riot of colors are magnificent to behold.
Twilights’ cool mists cover deer tracks in sand.

Pure magic wrought by the Creator’s hand.
Winter creeps in with the wind late one night,
leaving frost behind, like icing on a cake;
that fades away in morning sunlight.

Slowly and quietly, afternoon brings the snowflake,
God’s design is so intricate that no man can ever duplicate.
After an endless chill, a crocus blooms,
and brings with it the promise of spring.

A bright new chance, on the horizon looms;
when nests are built and a chorus of birds sing.
The Savior is risen on Easter morn,
to save this world is why He was born.

Days are longer now and fireflies light up the sky,
Gentle, warm rain makes fruit sweeten on the vine.
Summers’ cloak is lush and green in shades of pine;
and cattle in pastures grow fat on corn and rye.

The harvest draws near and You are the reason,
I praise you, my God, for each splendid season.

Copyright 2000 Journey of the Heart by Gina Hatchell Hatchell@SBT.TEC.SC.US

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The Seasons