Awe Perfect

by | Jun 5, 2020 | Guidance

Every so often, I enjoy browsing through Christian Book Stores just to read their wall hangings. It draws me to worship. Yet, no matter how beautiful, either the color or wood tone doesn’t coordinate with my home furnishings. Thus, coming home empty handed is the norm.

Through the course of conversation, a friend gave me the idea to frame my poetry. What a Godsend! There is a way to decorate my house as a testimony for God after all!

For the next few months, every piece of paper caught my attention – from cards with framed messages (making beautiful borders) to designed stationery (for backgrounds) to picture posters (creating otherwise more expensive large wall hangings). Each and every creation is one of a kind. There’s even a grouping of family photos, with one frame out in front that says, “Our God Reigns”. My house is growing to be a visible expression of my heart. Isn’t God wonderful!?!

However, there was just one snag (an object lesson, if you will).

In purchasing a picture of a temple garden with doves; no verse, poem, or saying had been included. It needed something more to mark its’ religious significance. Not having before realized; doves are no longer easy to find in the stores. My husband helped search until we found enough pieces to complete a wall, shelf, and table grouping.

A poem was to set in the midst, to tie this grouping together. More than a half dozen changes in the framed poem occurred before I was satisfied with its’ wording. Then, the materials used in the frame changed more times than I can count. It was a chore ever coming to the place that poem, fonts, paper, ink, color, background, and frame all worked together like it should. Eventually, the right combination came together that left that feeling of ‘awe, perfect’. Concluding that this framed creation was never going to get any better than that, I vowed to never touch it again. Finally!!! I was glad that was over!

Then one day, while on vacation, I came across a gorgeous handcrafted Canadian resin dove frame. It was twice what I wanted to pay. How could I be sure if it were a perfect match, being several states away? After having labored over the decision, I concluded that I might not get another chance for a frame like this again.

Once home, I set the frame with the grouping to see how it might look. Still uncertain, after hesitation, I took apart my framed work, transferred it to the new frame, then set it in place of the original. Awe! PERFECT! It was BEAUTIFUL!!! How could that be!?! I always thought the feeling of ‘awe, perfect’ was God’s way of saying something is just right/complete/as it was meant to be.

“How could that be, God?”

He answered, “See. My ‘PERFECT’ is even better than yours.” And, yes, I did ‘see’ the difference.

I think God gave me that object lesson as a way of sharing with people something I’d already learned, Except the Lord build the house, those who build are laboring in vain (Ps.127:1). His ‘PERFECT’ is better than the very best we can do. All our righteousness is as filthy rags until God begins to live through us; trading in our knowledge, thoughts, beliefs, talents, abilities, creativity for His. ‘Awe’ to know Him! His ways are always ‘PERFECT’!!! And, if we’d just let God build our house and His, they’d both be ‘PERFECT’, too.

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Awe Perfect