Wrap Me in Your Love

by | Jun 1, 2020 | God's Love, Poem

Everywhere I look I see them by two’s,
Living life, doing what they need to do. 

But, Lord, there is no one here, no not one
With a body, kindred soul with flesh on. 

So I look to Your loving, gracious Arms. 
Hold me as I never have been before.   

I have no hope of earthly love from man;
My youthful looks have long since fled away.

I am old and wrinkled, my hair is gray.  
But you don’t reckon shells but only hearts. 

So hold me in Your strong and mighty arms;
I’ll find the love there that I never knew.   

You are generous and kind to me, Lord,
Though I am not worthy, still You love me.   

Copyright June 2003 Sharon Warden [email protected]


Wrap Me in Your Love