by | May 3, 2020 | Choices

It is a special moment in the life of a certain young lady. The situation is tense. All eyes are focused on her while eighty eight pieces of ivory that look like teeth are poised to challenge her trembling fingers. Her mind is working overtime. Hand and Eye coordination is crucial. Feet need to cooperate. All her senses must unite to win. To run now would be to lose. The heart quivers as fingers make contact A part of her destiny hinges on the outcome of this moment in time. It is now or never. My granddaughter’s piano recital has begun.

Now as her fingers dance over the keys and the music flows without a flaw her heart soars and all those fears are gone. There is a satisfaction in knowing that the hours of trying to keep up with the ticking of that pesky metronome have paid off. There is a special feeling of happiness as she gives her whole being to the task at hand. Nothing else matters now. The ivories have yielded to her fingers and together they have won.

The secret is not in the fingers or the notes it is in the attitude of the heart and mind. The piano is just a lifeless piece of furniture. The keys cannot make a sound without fingers. She could be saying to the piano “my touch is your life and your keys with their sounds are my joy. We need each other.”

We are like that Piano, Lifeless without God’s love. Hopeless, without a touch of his Grace! In love He gave His Son to die in our place. There is joy and assurance when we yield our whole being to God and acknowledge his provision for us in Christ. Then He will say “My touch is your life and you are my joy. We need each other.”

We have a choice. We can run away from God’s love or we can be a winner by the touch of His grace that gives life eternal. Eph 2:8

Carolyn [email protected]