What Happened at Christmas

by | Apr 25, 2020 | Christmas, Poem

What happened to Christmas, where did it go?
From the birth of a Savior, to all glitter and show.
Does anyone truly remember what this season was meant to be;
The blessed birth of a Redeemer, not for sitting on Santa’s knee.

Oh where is Christmas, the one I long for;
It has become so commercial, made for shopping in stores.
Remind them of my Savior, don’t let it go by;
Teach all of your children…..Christ was born just to die.

Where would we be, if He had not come down;
A world lost in sin…..to Satan forever bound.
Please bring back Christmas, the one that birth a King;
Christ is Christmas……….without Him it doesn’t mean a thing.

Pat Finn finn@mebtel.net


What Happened at Christmas