Testify to the Glory of Our Heavenly Father: Influencing the workplace, Part 5

by | Apr 9, 2020 | Influencing the Workplace, Witnessing

“They gave witness that God was their rock, that High God was their redeemer…” (Psalms 78:35, MSG)

I was in my third year of teaching when three of my former students, who were by then in high school, came to visit me at school. I couldn’t have been more surprised when they told me: “We have accepted Jesus as our Lord and Saviour. We are so excited! You are the one who helped us find the Lord!”

I didn’t have a Bible Club at that time. As a matter of fact, I hadn’t even said anything. I had simply tried to be a good example of God’s love to these students. God did the rest of the work on their hearts.

Eventually, one of them became a missionary, destined to serve our Father with all her heart. I still remember having her come to my home to babysit my two sons while my wife and I were at an appointment. There too, she found my children to be filled with the Holy Spirit. They were completely unaware, but they were testifying but their actions.

That same year, a colleague asked about Our Heavenly Father. She, too, was interested, and at one time she even went to church with us.

Want to be a witness? I know that many of you desire to do just that, but you have a hard time doing so. Just be yourself. Be who you are—a child of the most-high God, someone who loves our Father with all your heart. People will notice, for it is by our actions that they will know you are a devoted Christian. When you show that you care, when you sincerely show God’s love, it will make a difference. Your silent testimony will be noticed.

Or Heavenly Father is on the moved. If you simply follow His lead, you can and will be His witness. Just like a dog barks because that’s what dog’s do, a true follower of Christ cannot help but show God’s love to everyone, for when we are in line with our Father, that’s what we do. It is by our love that they will know we are children of the Most High God.

Just be who you are, a child of God, and you will touch the hearts of many people.

Rob Chaffart

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Testify to the Glory of Our Heavenly Father: Influencing the workplace, Part 5