Lighting up the Darkness

by | Apr 8, 2020 | Example, Witnessing

“You light a lamp for me. The LORD, my God, lights up my darkness.” Psalm 18:28 NLT

As soon as the time changed, the darkness crept in.

Although I love the fall and winter months, changing from Daylight Savings Time to normal time brings a little gloom. For some, it leads to SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). I’m not sure I’ve ever contracted SAD, but I tend to get sad during the cold months when there is less daylight. Ironically, I also want to watch holiday movies that exasperate my gloomy mood. Movies that make me long for a past that will never return.

Not only is the outside darker, but the inside is also. This means more light-which those who are in the know say helps with SAD. When I made all the clocks in the house fall back, I also turned on more lights. Instead of just a lamp, I use several lamps as well as the overhead light. More light lifts my mood-even though they raise the utility bill.

But there is some darkness that has nothing to do with seasonal changes. The psalmist knew all about it. It was the darkness he felt when pursued by enemies. Those who wanted to make his life miserable . . . Dark . . . Or who wanted to destroy it all together. Those who wanted him sad instead of happy. Those who wanted to harm his family.

Just as I can’t change the daytime nighttime cycle, I can’t change periods of darkness that assault me throughout my lifetime either. They will come-disguised as depression, hurt, anger, frustration, broken relationships, rebellious children, lost jobs, failed classes, addictions, and disappointments.

What I can do is turn to the One who has the ability to light up my dark periods. Regardless of what dark period he faced, the psalmist turned to God to light up his life. God will do the same for anyone who asks-but particularly His children. Jesus said He was the light of the world, and then told His followers to be light too.

Letting God shine light into our dark moments will turn on the light, lift our spirits, give us hope, and change our perspective. When God turns on the light, it enables us to turn on the light in others’ lives. Everyone faces moments of darkness and needs a little light in their life.

God can enable you to be a light bearer. All you have to do is ask.

Prayer: Father, may we bear Your light of love and compassion to a dark and hurting world.

Martin Wiles [email protected]


Lighting up the Darkness