Don’t Tell Me X….mas

by | Apr 28, 2019 | Christmas, Poem

Don’t tell me Merry X………..Mas, or Happy Holiday;
For I believe in the Christ child and the manger where He lay.
To me, X stands for nothing, and that’s not the case;
Christ is Christmas He’s my foundation, my base.

If you are going to use symbols, then use the correct one;
Christ was crucified on a cross……….an X did not get it done.
Take away that X and replace it with Christ;
He came He saved…….then He laid down His life.

How disrespectful not to dignify His holy name,
Saying Merry X…..Mas, does not mean the same.
It’s a glorious time of the year to celebrate the birthday of our Lord;
He makes the rest of the year worth living for.

It is not a Holiday it is a Holy day to me;
It’s time all Christians shouted out with glee.
Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, to all I proudly say;
It’s the birth of Jesus Christ, what a miraculous day.

Pat Finn


Don’t Tell Me X….mas