Are You a Duck or a Chicken?

by | Apr 28, 2019 | Example, Temptation

Despite being a lecture in animal husbandry at Bunda College of Agriculture a constituent college of the University of Malawi, Mwangi is also a patron of the Student Christian Organisation of Malawi (SCOM) at the institution.

In the year 2012 the annual conference of SCOM took place at Bunda College. Christian students from various high schools and colleges convene to share the words of GOD and praise his name.

Lecture Mwangi was the guest preacher during the five day convention. His preaching on the last day was interrupted by one zealous student, Sakala who wanted to know from the patron the kind of person to inherit the kingdom of GOD since everybody born of flesh is prone to sin.

Using his intellectual knowledge, Mwangi took the whole congregation out to the College pond. He threw the Duck and a Chicken in the water. When both birds swam to the land, only the chicken shook off water from its body.

He explained to Christian students that those who are to inherit GOD’s Kingdom are the ones who behave like a chicken. The pond is like the world we are living in, water are like sins in the world. Since Christians are living in the sinful world, we should remember to shake off the sins of the world when we commit them. The duck symbolizes non-believers who are used to the sinful world.

Therefore when we as Christians commit sin let us repent and live a holly life. Jesus died on our behalf for all our sins. Let us remember to shake them off in the same way the chicken shook off the water from its body. We should not get used to the sins as the Duck which got used to the waters.

Mpeusa Mphonda


Are You a Duck or a Chicken?