I Am Ready

by | May 11, 2014 | God's Hands, Helping, Kindness, Love

When I was a teenager I was in a group of students who took a trip to Pittsburgh. Being a country boy, I found it exciting just being in such a big city. While most of the students headed for the mall then I decided to tour the streets alone. It was almost Christmastime and the store windows were filled with beautiful displays, full of joy and delight. I bought several cinnamon sticks to ward off the chill and spent a while just walking and looking at the sights.

At some point, however, the stores became less and less and the bars became more and more. I realized I had crossed into a not so good section of town. I saw a small bus stop and decided to sit and take a rest before walking back. The bus stop was just in front of a grocery store and before long an old woman in a tattered coat came out. She was carrying two large bags in one hand. Her other hand held a cane that steadied her slow, shaky walk. Her young, dark haired granddaughter clutched her coat as they made their way to the bench. I smiled at them both and we joked and laughed for a bit about how cold it was before the bus pulled up. When it arrived I picked up the old lady’s bags and carried them up the steps. Then I helped her cherub faced granddaughter up them while her grandma slowly climbed on behind us.

I pulled out my last cinnamon stick and gave it to the sweet girl while her grandma smiled her thanks to me. I got off the bus and looked up to the window where the little, curly-haired Child of God was waving goodbye to me. Then I started back to meet the other students a little warmer at heart if not in body. As I was turning the corner, though, a voice called out from an alley. “Hey man! Want to get high?” I smiled without looking over and said, “No thanks. I already am.”

No drug in the world can ever match the high that comes from one kind act, one shared laugh, one second of giving love, or one moment of making God smile. Kindness is Heaven’s high.

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I Am Ready