The Magnifier

by | May 14, 2013 | Experiencing God, God's Love, Trials

Psalm 34:3 – Oh, magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together. (KJV)

My new computer holds a magnifier, but I hadn’t bothered figuring out how to use it. However, the Lord knew that I would need it someday. That day is now! I am struggling to see what I am doing. Writing with just the vision of one eye is difficult, to say the least, but I am coming to accept the fact that I now need the magnifier. My only problem is finding just where the curser (the little pointed arrow) went to, for there, at its point, are my magnified words.

Given this affliction that takes away half my sight, I have a lot of time on my hands for prayer, meditation, and just thinking, and so, I am wondering about the word “magnify”. I looked it up in the concordance and found Psalm 34:3 inviting us to “magnify” the Lord together. How does one do that? Other translations call us to “glorify” the Lord together. But now that I can see the meaning of the word “magnify” is to make larger or clearer, how do I make the Lord Jesus larger and clearer? What is there in me that makes the Lord clearer for others to view, or is that possible?

Mary, the mother of our Lord, had it right, I think. She said, “My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior.” (Luke 1:46 NKJV) So, it is my soul that magnifies the Lord. Why didn’t I see that years ago? It is my soul that looks upon the Lord and sees Him clearly, and then my spirit is happy and content, releasing my heart to thank the Lord for the vision I have left. Now, I thank the Lord for my right eye every day!

Today, my soul is looking upon Jesus through the light of the resurrection, and what a wonderful sight! My struggle to adapt is enabling my soul to “see Christ more clearly, love Him more dearly, and follow Him more nearly”. I can now better identify with the Apostle Paul’s concern:

Ephesians 3:18-20 – May you know how wide and long and high and deep [Christ’s love] is. And may you know his love, even though it can’t be known completely. Then you will be filled with everything God has for you. God is able to do far more than we could ever ask for or imagine. He does everything by his power that is working in us. (NIRV)

Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank You for showing us Your love, even as we struggle with life’s frailties. We trust You now to lead us through the confusion and darkness of this life to Yourself. Today, as we look upon You, may our souls magnify Your name far and wide, for what we see is great love and total forgiveness through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Iris Ford
Parksville, British Columbia, Canada

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The Magnifier