Shop ‘Til You Get Dropped!

by | May 17, 2011 | Love, Patience

The other day I’d been shopping way too long at the Super Center. I was wrestling my two-ton cart around, looking for a check-out lane with less than a MULTITUDE of people in it (biblically speaking). I wanted to get out of the store sometime before the next dawn. Then suddenly, oh glory of glories, the checker in the “20 items or less” lane had a miraculous break in her line. She motioned me and my semi-truck-sized cart over to her lane. I felt like the Red Sea had just parted. It was a spiritual moment.

No sooner had I unloaded one of the two tons, when a long line of those genuine “20 items or less” shoppers slipped in behind me. Angrily. I could feel them counting. I wanted to say, “Look guys, she motioned me over,” but I decided against it. Why drag the checker down with me? I decided against eye contact all together. After all, I was in a store that sold hunting artillery. I opted for staying quiet and trying not to hyperventilate. Road rage? Puh! LANE RAGE. Now there’s some danger. I would’ve been reasonably okay with a “shop ’til you drop” kind of day. I’ve had those before. But this was one of those “shop ’til someone drops you” scenarios. Somehow that was so much scarier.

I guess we’re all tempted every now and then to slough off the hero role and take the low road. The Lone Ranger gets shoved over for the Lane Rager. It reminds us all to put on all the patience and love we’re called to. Ephesians 4:2 says, “Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.” In addition, patience and love can demonstrate the love of Christ and the difference his love makes in our lives.

“Bearing with one another in love” can also keep shoppers from having to sprint through the parking lot to their cars with two-tons of bagged merchandise. In a serpentine manner.

Rhonda Rhea


Shop ‘Til You Get Dropped!