May I Take Your Order Please?

Picture Perfect

The news was disturbing. What did they mean I needed a new publicity photo? Hadn't I just had a new photo taken-when was it-ten years ago? The bigger factor to consider was that I only had one chin in the ten year old picture. Since I hit 40 I'd discovered an...

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And the List Goes On…

Why is it that as soon as you're back from the grocery store, you find five more things you're out of? Picked up three gallons of milk? Well now you need bread. Got the bread? Fine, but you get home to find you should've gotten peanut butter. You cross off one item,...

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Driving Me Crazy

My daughter is taking her driving test today. We've spent the morning trying to decide which direction you should turn your wheels if you park on an incline. Then we got into the discussion about whether you should come to a full and complete stop behind the stop...

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Dipping for Jesus

Even though there are lots of dippers in my family, I am so not one of them. I think people should eat their food and drink their drinks and never the twain should steep. I'm not sure why so many people think that their solids and liquids have to come together to make...

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Flamingo Rodeo

Last summer I was outside. I know. Not my usual place. I'm a stay-inside-the-climate-controlled-environment kind of gal. But despite the fact that they're outside, I do love my flowers. A rumble had started between my flowers and a gang of big, ugly weeds, so I went...

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Write This Down

What do you do when you have a pen that won't write? If you're like most of us, you sling it a few times in that stabbing motion, hoping gravity is going to somehow jar the ink loose (I wonder if that's ever really worked for anyone). Then you scribble. Then you...

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Rhonda Rhea