Today Is Labor Day

by | May 18, 2009 | Poem

Labor Day is a day of fun and fellowship
Most just know is it a  holiday or a day off
Yes  it is but we are to honor  those who are not
They go to work and earn their keep  

Many works in the day hours and others don’t get much sleep
Those that work at night are just so special
We have the carpenter who builds our homes and works so hard
The electrician who goes home daily so tired  

How often do we thank the ones that is behind that counter
Making a living and serving us so well I appreciate the ones that work for a day’s pay
That is what the Lord Jesus would have us to say  
No slacking off just because you can You are working hard for another man
Yet it is your conscience that tells you this is right
To work and do your job well so you can sleep at night  

Today is labor day so enjoy your day off 
Thank you for all who labor
Also those who are retired from it God bless you  

Happy Labor Day   Sarah Berthelson


Today Is Labor Day