Happy Mother’s Day

by | May 20, 2008 | Mother's Day, Poem

Happy mothers day, my dear one.
If I had lots of money, to you I would send
A basketful of flowers ~ to let you know I care.
Happy Mothers Day!

If I could fly my wings, I would spread
To your side. I would be to hug you, instead;
To let you know I love you, on this special day.
Happy Mothers Day!

You deserve the best treatment, for all you do;
Lifting up our Father, as you go about your day
Helping others, and, most importantly, you pray.
Happy Mothers Day!

I had you in mind, when I thought of this day.
“You are an example to me and others,” they say.
My prayer is that you are blessed abundantly,
On this Mothers Day!

Sarah Berthelson Sarah@Berthelson.com


Happy Mother’s Day