Standing at the Feet of the Miracle Worker: Christmas Awe, Part 4

by | May 21, 2006 | Christmas, Christmas Awe, Reverance, Worship

It was a day from the Twilight Zone. The moment I woke up I was destined to face frustrations, aggravations and disappointments. It all started when I dialed up my Internet to take care of my email. Although my new Internet provider promised faster Internet, thanks to the latest technology, the “latest” technology decided to be on strike. Moreover, I was supposed to receive a free month of service, and the first email I received was a bill from this new Internet provider. Grrrr!

I tried to fix the technological problem, but ended up frustrated, aggravated and disappointed. Naturally, all of this set me behind, and now I was late for work! I hurriedly brushed my teeth, kissed my family goodbye, and headed for the car. For some strange reasons, my stomach was in a knot.

As I turned down the road that serves as an access to our “highway” (really a two-lane road, just like all the others!), there was a train on the tracks. I’ve never seen a train that long, and as I waited, my stomach began to churn.

“Oh well,” I tried to convince myself. “I’ll make up the time on the highway!” But when I finally turned onto this “highway”, I realized I was right behind a law enforcement vehicle. It certainly made me think twice about my plan to speed to work!

It’s then that I heard that still, small voice: “Why the rush?”

“I am late for work, Lord, and I feel so tense!”

“Abide in me and find rest.”

I took a deep breath and turned on a CD. It just so happened that the CD was from a group called “Delirious”, which was quite fitting, considering my circumstances! My attention was drawn to the words of the first song: “Standing at the feet of the miracle maker . . .” Suddenly I realized that I had started my day all wrong. I had taken matters into my own hands, and now I was paying the consequences of my own frustrating failures.

“I am so sorry Lord!” I confessed. “I am dedicating the rest of this day to you. Be my guide!”

As I began to sing and praise the Lord, the knots in my stomach began to disappear. That sure felt good! I felt at peace, and when I glanced at my reflection in the rearview mirror, I saw that a look of happiness had returned to the frowning, wrinkled prune of a face that had glared back at me while I had been waiting for the train.

Once in town, my road takes me over a draw bridge. This morning it was out of commission. Apparently a truck had hit something, but the reason why wasn’t important. The important thing was that I would have to make a detour. I remembered my earlier lesson, however, and I continued to praise the Lord.

A parent with her child was waiting for me in front of my classroom when I finally entered the school building. They had bad news. The child was leaving the program. Such devastating news would generally have crushed me. Instead, I continued to feel at peace. The day was just beginning, and I anticipated continuing to experience God in each part of it. And, amazingly, it was a beautiful day indeed!

If God had not intervened, my whole day would have been ruined. I would have let circumstances dominate me, and my students would have been the ones who suffered. In His grace, God turned my awful day around by directing me to concentrate on Him instead of my frustrations.

This is the Christmas message Jesus wants us to remember: “Come to Me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28 HCSB)

We don’t have to let circumstances dominate us any longer. As long as we rely on Jesus, He will give us rest and inner peace.

He made it possible for us to never again be alone. We have at our disposal all the help we will ever need, all from the One who made our salvation possible: “And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:20b HCSB)

“Bridge out! Train ahead!”

Let’s enjoy the few minutes in front of us by communicating with our Forever Friend. This day couldn’t be any better!

Rob Chaffart


Standing at the Feet of the Miracle Worker: Christmas Awe, Part 4