You Jump, I Jump!

by | May 24, 2004 | Example, Sacrifice, Servant

Every day is a sight to see, whenever I watch my little brothers, Isaac and Josh. Isaac is the older one and Josh is but a few years younger. Those two are a team of tornadoes. Whenever they get together, they are constantly moving, and always finding something exciting to do, even if it’s throwing toilet paper at one another.

I love how Isaac is the “ring leader” and Josh follows him wherever he goes. Conversely, when Josh wants to get Isaac to go somewhere, most of the time it just doesn’t work.

It’s always interesting to me that if Isaac wants to go outside, Josh won’t hesitate or even think about not going following him; he just goes. He does his funny toddler run out the door and smiles with excitement, as he victoriously enjoys freedom from being locked up in the house.

If Isaac decides to jump off the top of the bed, onto the mattress, Josh is right there with him, doing the same thing. If Isaac is in the corner making a disastrous mess of the toys, guess who’s there? You guessed right: Josh! Those two are inseparable!

As I watch them, I think of how we are asked to follow Jesus. What must I do to follow Him?

Just as Josh follows Isaac, I need to follow Jesus even that much more. People should observe that I don’t go anywhere without Him and that I’m always trying to imitate Him, in his flawless image. If I don’t follow Him, then whom and what am I following?

“anyone who does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me.” – Jesus’ words to us in Matthew 10:38

Charissa Romero [email protected]

Charissa, who comes from a family of eight, is a student majoring to be a youth counselor.


You Jump, I Jump!