My Angel

by | May 25, 2003 | Angels, Protection

Angels don’t always show themselves to us. But we can be sure of their constant presence, even as they work in silence.

The plans were complete. My husband would be driving the church’s big Greyhound type bus full of young choir members to the beautiful state of Colorado. In that place where God placed springs in the valleys and streams that gush from mountains, those excited boys and girls would minister in song. God did not give me a voice to sing. But, I love to pray. And I had been included on this mission trip going to one of my favorite places in the world. An intercessor I would be. Anticipation was building as I visualized good times sitting before Jesus in intercession for those young people.

With gorgeous snow capped mountains surrounding me, I knew there would be wonderful intimate times with my Lord. And then about two weeks before the bus was to leave, I developed pain in my back on the left side. Trying to ignore the pain I continued with my normal activities. But, soon, I realized there was definitely something wrong with my aching body and I had better get it checked. Sure enough, the doctors diagnosis was shingles. Websters dictionary says shingles are an acute viral infection, characterized by severe pain. I definitely had the sharp pain, accompanied by other symptoms that made me know there would be no mission trip to the mountains of Colorado for me.

The severe pain took away part of the disappointment of not getting to go with them. I just wanted to feel better. Our team loaded the bus and headed West. I went back to bed. After a day or two, I realized I was spending many hours in prayer. Probably more than if I had been in the midst of the excitement all those young people were surely creating. Alone at night, I asked God to put His guardian angels in every window and every door. It was as if I could see them in my spirit, standing tall, girded in armor, protecting me from the evils of the world. When I would awaken in the morning the medicine I had taken the night before, for my shingles, had been depleted. Pain, once again, would be ravaging my body. Talking to the Lord on about the third night I was by myself, I asked Him to awaken me early. I remember I specifically asked that He would wake me at 6:30 a.m. That way I could get my medicine before the morning pain became so excruciating. That night I slept well.

Suddenly, the next morning there was a sharp knock on my back door. Glancing at the clock by my bed, it read 6:25. Wondering who would be needing me that early in the morning, I hurried down the stairs. There was no car in the drive. Parting the curtains, I could also see there was no one at the back door. Puzzled, I stood there for a moment, questioning the loud noise that sounded like someone rapping my back door.

And then in my spirit, I heard my precious Lord said to me, “Melva, remember you asked me to awaken you at 6:30 this morning. The sound at your door was an angel knocking. I gave the same angel that was guarding your back door the assignment to wake you.”

Marveling, once again, at the wonders of my wonderful Lord and Savior, I took my medicine and lay back down. Later, I was able to get up and go about my day without the horrific pain I had been experiencing in the mornings.

No, I didn’t see my angel. But, he was there, guarding and protecting. And then as a special favor tapping on that back door just like God had instructed.

Melva Cooper

Thanks to Joan Anderson Copyrighted by Joan Wester Anderson, used with permission. Originally appeared on the Where Angels Walk website,


My Angel