Because It Is Mine to Give

by | May 29, 2001 | Forgiveness

Last weekend I made a trip for healing, healing for my soul and healing for another. I traveled to where my ex-wife lived. She had a serious drinking problem which caused our marriage to dissolve. My step-son took me to her house, little more than a shanty, to see his mother. I asked Linda if she would step outside for a minute.

Outside I told this lady, who has suffered three strokes and has a poor liver, that I forgave her for her misdeeds, that I had no ill will towards her in any way. She was quite moved and apologized for her behavior of the past. The magic we had between us is gone, however the dignity of the past is mine to give her; my forgiveness is mine to give her; and lastly my understanding is mine to give her. I imagine with her liver, strokes, oh yes and lung problems, she will be lucky to make it to 55. However, when that day comes, she can pass on with peace.

I would implore anyone who can to forgive those who have offended you.

BJ Cassady
Guthrie, Oklahoma


Because It Is Mine to Give