Prayer to Be Set Free

by | May 27, 2001 | Deliverance, Freedom, Prayer

In one of the general meetings a young man came in just before dinner was served. There was only one unoccupied seat, near the door next to our son John, who noticed him coming in. During the altar call time, this young man came forward with John escorting him to the front. He was gloriously saved. A bit later he asked for special prayer to be set free from spirits of fifth generation witchcraft.

We took this young man aside and began casting out those spirits in the mighty name of Jesus. Although we had dealt with spirits of witchcraft before and people were delivered, these demons would not leave, but spoke defiantly back to us! Suddenly the Holy Spirit spoke to Chris Nijp who then said to the young man, “What do you have underneath your shirt around your neck?” The young man said, “Satan’s cross!” “Take it off now and Jesus will set you free,” was Chris’ answer. The young man ripped it off his neck and threw it away! In the next ten minutes he was gloriously delivered and became an witness for Jesus in the streets of Brantford with our son, John.

De Jong, Albert. Two Soldiers in God’s Victorious Army. 2002, p. 25.


Prayer to Be Set Free