To End the Darkness

by | May 29, 2000 | Light

“That’s how I feel. Like that tree there in the yard,” the old man said as I entered the room.

I couldn’t see him at first. It was a beautiful, sunny day, but his room was dark. The lights were out and all the shades were pulled down. I tried to adjust to the change quickly. Finally, after scanning the small room I saw his silhouette against the smallest of the two windows. He held the shade in his hand as he peeked out along its edge.

“Hiding from someone?” I asked.

“The world!” He replied.

“As hard as I’ve tried, I’ve never been able to do that. I finally realized that I can’t possibly hide from the world if I’m a part of it. The fact that I am already in it leaves an impression of some sort. So, after struggling with the idea, I decided If I am a part of it, then I am also responsible for it. My goal since then is to leave a positive impression behind. Not one of a man who was hiding,” I said.

“Well…sure…that’s one way to see it,” he said.

“Now tell me about that tree you see.”

“Well, it’s all bent over. The weight of the ice has caused its head to bow down low nearly touching the ground,” he said.

“Oh, yes. Isn’t that beautiful? When I was driving here I saw hundreds of trees just like that. The sun was glistening off each of the branches. It was like watching a light show,” I said.

“Well, those trees are bent over from the weight. I see it as sad,” he said.

“But the strong ones always bounce back. That ice, like the worries we humans carry with us, builds up slowly until the tree can no longer stand tall. The strong ones bend with the weight, but never fall. The difference between you and that tree is you have a choice. You can stand in one place and hold all your worries and problems until you crash to the ground or you can shake it off and move on,” I told him.


“But just like that tree, we depend on the light. The warmth of the sun helps it to grow. The same sun will melt away that which threatens it. God is my light. I depend on Him to grow. When burdened with worry and the cold dark days that threaten me, I turn toward the Light to melt away my fears.”

Suddenly the shade flew up flapping around the window top with a sputter that scared both of us. The room brightened as we both squinted and rubbed our eyes.

“Wow, it is bright out there!” He said.

I walked over to where he was seated and pointing at him I said, “Now let’s talk about how we can make it bright in there.”

As I am sharing this story with you images of my Old English sheep dog, Daisy, who has been gone from our lives a few years now, suddenly came to mind. I can see her running through the deep snow in our back yard. We would spend hours out there with my two boys. Because of her long hair, the snow would build up until she was dragging it along with her.

Is that how you are going through life? Are you dragging along old memories, challenges, worries and hurt? Have you reached a point where you feel weighted down so much you can’t get up?

Daisy didn’t know any better. The trees have no choice. What excuse have you sold yourself on that has permitted you to arrive at this point in your life that you cannot move?

The light of God shines in the darkness and starts from within. It all begins when you let go and He takes over.

To end the darkness…welcome the Light!

Bob Perks


To End the Darkness