Choice Street

by | May 29, 2000 | Choices, Poem, Service

Here is a poem I just finished, an endeavor to make my S.S. kids realize we DO choose a Master.  All of us learn to serve.  These are some thoughts I had for my pupils…

Down Choice Street (in early hours of accountability)
Comes the peddler, with all his cunning wares ~
Displaying, to those just arriving,
Selection of master’s ~ to serve in after years.

Now, he comes in tails and top hat, with such alluring choices
(Catching every eye and every ear),
Promising, “If you will only choose me, you’ll be
Satisfied.  Never fear!”

Says one, “I’ll grant you great contentment
And peace forever more!”
Another says, “I’ll make your name known ~
From earth to Heaven’s shore!”

Still, another says, “I’ll take away your loneliness.
You’ll always have a friend …”
And, “I’ll release you from the pain you bear ~
Give you strength to lend!”

I stood there, watching ~ waiting,
Discovering many lies.
For, those, who tasted, never were
S a t i s f i e d.

Then, I studied hard the peddler
And found him so disguised!
In truth, he was the clever
Father of all lies!

Then, came a Servant Peddler,
With sandals on His feet.
His penetrating eyes portrayed
His soul was ever sweet!

His wares were all uncovered
There, for me, plain, to see
Were things I’d want forever,
That He would give to me!

No prices like the deceiver;
In fact, I could not buy!
The beautiful gifts, He gave to me,
Brought tears into my eyes!

I now have true contentment,
Beautiful peace within;
A life, not free of trials ~
But always full of Him!

The promises He gave to me,
I believe with all my heart;
Safely trusting His Living Book
That says ~ we’ll never part!

The deceiver is so clever.
Watch close, my dear lost friend.
If you should choose the wares he sells,
You’ll never stop paying him!

But, Jesus is a Master you may
Serve with smiling face.
He never asks you to go alone.
You’ll always feel His grace.

And, when you come to the river,
You will not cross alone.
For, Jesus, Himself, will take you
Safely Home!  

© 2003 by Joan Clifton Costner


Choice Street