God, My Heart Is Broken

by | Jun 4, 1999 | Grief, Poem, Presence, Sadness

God, my heart is broken, as if I’m going to die.
Didn’t you hear my pleas, or see my heartfelt cry?
I’ve prayed and prayed for years, bearing all my soul to share,
And now I sit in grievous pain, wondering if You really care.

I trusted in Your Word,  if I asked something in Your name,
That you would hear my call, and not put my prayer to shame.
But where are You now, nothing’s changed, in fact…it’s worse.
Instead of seeing blessing, I feel my life is cursed.

Things just seem so dark, with no hope to move ahead,
My journey has just ended, do You hear what I have said???
I can’t go on like this, it seems worthless anyhow,
God, are You listening? Have You given up on me now?
Oh My child, My precious child, I said I would not leave,
And no matter what you see, you must continue to believe.
For many years ago, the whole world gave up on Me…
Especially when My bloodied corpse, was carried from that tree.

A dead and lifeless form, with no hope that I would rise,
But my child, they only saw Me, through their earthly eyes.
Not fully comprehending, the power inside the tomb,
That worked a mighty miracle, like creation in the womb.

Hidden from the world, by a heavy weighted stone,
How could anyone have seen, or anyone have known,
The miracle that was happening in that dark and secret place,
From the touch of God’s own hand, and the glory of His grace.

You may not see what’s happening, behind your heavy weight,
And the burden of your problems, may seem to seal your fate.
But the resurrection power, raising Christ from the grave,
Is still touching hearts in secret, to deliver and to save.

So child, you must be patient, for the miracle’s taking place,
Though it looks like it is hopeless, you must still walk by faith,
Knowing the mysteries in the tomb, were already done,
By the time My children saw Me, as the Resurrected Son!!

Author: Julie Carro yishpan@earthlink.net

This poem was inspired by a word from the Lord to my cousin Judy when she was crying out to God for answers to her prayers. He spoke this to her very clearly one day when she felt like nothing was happening.

God said…

“The same resurrection power that raised Christ from  the dead, did so behind a sealed tomb…The resurrected  body of Christ was the manifestation of the miracle that had  ALREADY taken place!”

Many times we want to see what God is doing, and if we don’t see anything happening…we lose hope.

Let’s all just remember the miracle that was taking place in the tomb when it appeared to man that Jesus was gone forever.

In this, we can know that God is doing mighty things, even when we can’t see what is happening…and walk by FAITH not SIGHT!

But with the precious blood of Christ, as of a Lamb without blemish and without spot:

Who verily was foreordained before the foundation of the world, but was MANIFEST in these last times for you,

Who by Him do believe in God, that RAISED HIM UP from the DEAD, and gave Him glory; that YOUR FAITH and HOPE might be in God.
1 Peter 1: 19-21

Love To All, Julie Carro


God, My Heart Is Broken