Sing Me a River Song

by | Jun 3, 1999 | Poem, Salvation

Sing me a River song.
This crystal bright stream
Flows straight from the Throne
Coursing down the ages
To wash the centuries,
To refresh the thirsty souls
Standing under the waterfall
Whose mouths gape unashamedly
To receive Its pure, clear liquid.

Sing me a River song
About the unending flood
That invites a dirty, stained one
To jump headfirst
Into Its cleansing maelstrom.
No need to fear drowning.
The Power of this torrent
Baptizing with unquenchable fire,
Will soon splash you spotless,
Within and without,
Onto Its quiet shore.

Sing me a River Song.
Along Its peaceful banks
Tower the Trees of Life
Resplendent with fruit and leaves
For the healing of the nations,
For the restoration of the soul,
For the reconstruction of the broken,
For the resuscitation of the dead.

Oh, sing me a River song.
Free for everyone —
The water without price.
Free for everyone —
A gift from His love!

© 2002 Sharon Warden


Sing Me a River Song