Believe in Miracles

by | Jun 10, 1998 | Miracles, Potential

While browsing through my mail, I stopped when I came across an envelope which obviously contained a greeting card. The handwriting was one I know well – that of my mother’s. Smiling, I wondered to myself why she was sending me a card. It wasn’t a holiday or my birthday, not that it needs to be any specific occasion for a greeting card. I send greeting cards to friends out of the blue at times, and my mother is the same way. Like mother, like daughter.

Imprinted on the front of the greeting card were the words, “Believe in Miracles.” My thoughts immediately turned to a conversation I had with my friend, Peggy, at work just two days earlier.

Peggy and I were discussing some recent events in my life, and she then looked at me and in a very matter-of-fact tone said, “I was talking to God this morning, and I told him ‘God, you know what Debbie needs, and right now she needs a miracle.'”

Peggy was right. I do need a miracle. Both of my children are walking down the wrong path in their lives and seem to be treading deeper and deeper into troubled waters. I have tried everything I can to turn them around, but the harder I fight to help them, the more they fight to continue down this path of destruction. I find myself throwing them a rope in an attempt to rescue them, but they keep letting go of the rope, and the seas are becoming stormier and stormier.

I have finally realized that I cannot rescue my children. All I can do is love them, be there for them, and pray for them … and pray for a miracle.

Peggy has had everyone in her prayer group praying for me and my children. I have had many friends and family members praying as well. The prayers I have lifted up reflect the same prayer that Peggy had prayed to God … a prayer for a miracle because a miracle is the only hope for my children to find their way to safer shores.

My mother had no idea of my conversation with Peggy, yet out of the blue she mailed me this precious card with an inspirational message telling me to believe in miracles. I believe with all my heart that the timing of Peggy’s prayer and the greeting card from my mother are miracles in themselves. I have read before that there are no coincidences in life … that a coincidence is a gift from God when He wishes to remain anonymous. Peggy shared with me her prayer asking God to send me a miracle, and the greeting card was as though God was sending me a message, encouraging me to believe in the miracle prayed for.

Job 5:9 reads, “He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted.”

I know my miracle is coming and, yes, I do believe in miracles. All I have to do is look in the mirror to see a miracle … the miracle God has performed in me.

Do you believe in miracles?

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Debra (“Debbie”) Penny is a single mother of two boys, ages 17 and 18. She resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia, where she works as a Legal Secretary. Debbie has a passion for writing, especially poetry, and has written countless poems and inspirational messages on subjects such as love, salvation, and God’s grace. She is a born again Christian, and her love for the Lord is demonstrated through her writing. You may find a collection of her writings on Themestream by visiting


Believe in Miracles