Daylight and DarkNight

by | Jun 9, 1998 | Light

Once upon a time when the night was just retreating over the newly illuminated hills and the day was dawning, it spoke for the first time to its enemy.

“You know one so bright, one day you will not ruin my deep haze. One day you will cease to shine for your days are numbered but I will always be. You are nothing but a mast of matter and gas, just so much smoke and fire. Your time will come and you will die just like all things but I will go on forever.”

This startled the day because it was not used to being talked to so harshly. As a matter of fact, every one had always been sweet to the day and so happy to see it. The birds would chirp merrily and all seemed well. Now the day was feeling most concerned and it let the clouds hide its face for most of the morning. But finally it could not help but be what it was and ultimately let its sun shine bright for all the land to absorb its nutrients.

Now each time the darkness would seep into an area behind the brightness and the sun would set to its inhabitants, the dark would mock the Light. It would tell of a wonderful time when it would not have to leave but could reign supreme over all the land with nothing to run it away.

“You glow now for all to see but one day my beaming opposer you will turn as cold and dank as me, I will win and you will lose. My source does not rely on a ball of fire but I am self sufficient. I just am as I always have been. You were created with a beginning and one day you will have an end.”

Finally the day no longer let the darkness mock it. It decided that it would be happy to shine as brilliant as it could, making the joy it brought for all to see. So each day it glowed even the stronger pushing back the gray every time it dawned over the horizon. Even though it could feel the night barking at its tail with its cold hard fingers of chill.

The day would not be there at night to hear if the night also smote the land and its fruit, with its terror. But, when it flamed hot at the noon hour it would hear the flowers say to the bees.

“What will we do when the sun shines no more. How will we get the power to open up our petals and present our beauty to add to the glory of life?”

“I don’t know,” the bees would retort as they butted in to take their nectar. “How will we gain our food to give us the power to carry the pollen as is our job?”

All of nature wondered what their fate would be. But all decided that they would just continue to give their all for as long as they could. Surly in doing their job so well someone would come to rescue them from their dilemma. That was right and what was right had always been done and had always been right.

Each had heard and watched from there sleepy perch, the night as it languished in its security, yawning with no cares, assured of eternal existence, taunting those it lorded over in its time to be king.

“Soon your happy time will be over and all things will be mine to conquer. There will be no more sunny times for you as I will use all to be somber like I am.”

Even those that were awake at night and liked that time grew worried. They knew that their existence depended on the Light and even they began to hate the time they used to love with the now forever scorning dark.

Then one day, again, just as the dark rolled its way along consuming a particularly nice spot from the leaving Light, it continued its torment to its complete opposite. Just as it was commenting on how many had died and succumb to its cold fortress of contempt during its ritual time, this time, the day had a thought.

It dawned on the day just as day was dawning, with sunbeams trailing on water falling. It paid no attention to the jeering night as it told of a smaller ball of fire that had once been and now is no more.

“The moon is now my companion as you will soon be, no longer able to cause me to hide.”

It paid no attention as it told of how many times it has seen all the balls of fire die out and never give light again. It paid no attention when the dark pointed out again how it needs no source to exist, it just is. It paid no attention because it had a secret.

“Good bye sun,” the night called. “Good night to you”, replied the sun. “Because you cause sleep.”

This last statement gave the dark a shudder which wasn’t easy because the dark was so used to the chill. Of course the dark did not let the Light know it had caught a chill from its statement, it was to proud. But the Light knew because when it surprised the dark and blazed across the fields broadcasting its glory, the dark was quiet and slipped away seemingly a little quicker than ever before maybe suddenly aware of a foe.

After several days and nights the dark whispered to the Light.

“Tell me your secret. I know you have one because I have heard the others tell of it and proclaim it as I squeeze the last of their life away, in my right, in the night. What is it?”

But the sun just shone all the more brighter, glistening on its beauteous life.

So the dark retreated once more into its night. Grouchy, it caused even more of its cruel death to consume the love and inhabitants, the citizens of the Light.

The Light just shone all the more on the work of the dark and on the crushed lifeless deposits it made for the Light to discover on its rounds, thus causing new life to spring forth.

“Why are you so happy?” The dark could take no more. It now flung its icy tendrils around the light trying to frighten it away. “What is your secret?” Now the dark, suspicious for the first time that it was the one without much power, it began its taunt again. “If you have a secret, oh one of Light what is it? Where is it? Who is it?” It stood from a far off glaring at the sun. “You will burn out and will be no more I have seen it many times. I will prevail. I will live forever I will stand supreme. What is your secret?”

Finally the Light decided to speak. “Can’t you see it my foolish one. Can’t you see the evidence of the truth? It’s shining bright for all to see.”

What is so evident, shot back the night? I can only see an end to you and no end to me! Even now today you are less bright than you were yesterday. You are dying sun.” “You three are dying sun…Light…day”

“But my silly friend. Began the sun, “It is you that causes death not

I. Haven’t you been watching existence? Haven’t you been as smart as you proclaimed to be? Or have you only been playing in your own desires. Is it because you are always in the dark that you have never seen the Light? Watch creation, watch what always is. One always becomes what it has caused. Did I not hear you boast of misery and pain, of death and dying? Aren’t you the Father of all that?”

Just then a very bright light came to shine. It shone so bright that there was not even a shadow to be seen. It was shining in and out of the flowers and the bees and the rocks and the trees. They all sang praise and clapped their hands. It was the Son, a different Son with the Father of Day and the Spirit of Light.

“Where are you now? Called the Light to the dark. “Come see my secret! Where are you now?” Called the day to the night. But the dark was quiet because it wasn’t anywhere.

Author unknown. If anyone has a proprietary interest in this story please authenticate and I will be happy to credit, or remove, as the circumstances dictate.

By Marjeana Martin


Daylight and DarkNight