The Lamb

by | Jun 8, 1998 | Answered Prayers, Protection, Provision

One afternoon in the summer of 1996 Christopher, who is called Chris, was driving back to Porterville, California from Bakersfield where he worked as a California Highway Patrolman. But before I go on, I must back up and tell you about my grandson, Christian. Christian was born in January 1996, at birth he seemed to be a healthy bouncing baby boy with no problems, but at age three months it was discovered that he was born with only three chambers in his heart.

The doctors advised of many major surgeries and the likelihood of him not living past his third birthday. At the time Chris was 26 years old and had been married for four years. Of course he was very worried about his son and it weighed heavily on his mind. Many hours were spent in prayer for Christian and Chris had ample prayer time as he commuted to work in Bakersfield from Porterville a 100 mile round trip each day.

One afternoon as Chris was driving home, north along Hwy. 65 he felt an urgency to pull over to the side of the road. Chris said that he felt that God was telling him to climb to the top of a small hill just off of the roadway. Chris stood there beside his car and looked at the hill, it was not a large hill, but it was hot and he decided that there was nothing he could see from the top of the hill that he could not see from where he stood. Chris looked around and saw nothing except a slow moving diesel truck which he had passed several miles back approaching from the south. Chris let the devil tell him that if he did not get back on the road soon, that he would have to again find a place to pass this approaching truck. So he quickly jumped back into his car and sped off towards home ahead of the diesel truck.

When he arrived in Porterville he stopped by our house for a visit and he told me of the incident. I could not believe that Chris had not obeyed what he felt was a word from God. I encouraged Chris to return to the hill and be obedient to what he felt God had told him. I gladly volunteered to go along to keep him company. So within a few minutes we were on the road headed back to that hill. When we arrived at the hill, Chris pulled to the side of the road, we got out of the car and looked at the hill. Chris said, “Now what?” I said, “Well, if God said to go to the top, then you had better go to the top.” Chris then said, “Well, lets’ go.”

“Oh no!”, I replied, “God told you to go up that hill, He didn’t tell me to go.” Chris then crawled through a barbed wire fence and headed up to the top of the hill alone. I stayed by the car and prayed while Chris climbed to the top of the hill and then went over the crest out of my sight. In about twenty minutes he came back to the car and sat in the front seat without saying a word. We sat in the car for a few minutes and finally Chris said, “You know Dad, just over that hill is a large flock of sheep, maybe two or three hundred. I watched the sheep for a while and all was very peaceful and serene. As I watched those sheep I saw a little lamb stray away from the flock with it’s head down grazing on the grass.

And then I saw movement in the tall weeds near the flock and saw a big coyote stalking through the weeds, inching ever closer to the little lamb. There was a shepherd sitting on a small knoll watching the flock but he didn’t seem to be watching the lamb which had strayed and was now in imminent danger. I called out and whistled trying to alert the shepherd to the danger but I was unable to get his attention. The coyote kept inching it’s way closer and closer to the lamb and I had to watch helplessly knowing that the coyote would soon be upon the lamb. I was too far away and unable to do anything about the impending attack upon the lamb.

I was so frustrated in my attempts to get the shepherd’s attention and I knew that soon it would be too late. Suddenly the coyote ran out from the cover of the tall weeds and raced towards the defenseless lamb, rapidly closing the distance between them. Even if I managed to get the shepherd’s attention he was too far from the lamb to be able to save it. All I could do was watch in horror. I was sure it would be over in seconds, but just then the shepherd raised his arm and pointed toward the lamb. I then saw two of the biggest dogs that I have ever seen burst forth out of the tall weeds and head straight for the coyote at full peed.

The coyote slammed on the brakes at the sight of these two huge dogs bearing down on it. The coyote nearly lost it’s footing as it turned and headed in the opposite direction as fast as it’s legs could carry it. The last I saw of the coyote it was three hills over, still running at top speed with the two huge dogs nipping at it’s heels. The little lamb never looked up, never saw either the coyote or the dogs and never knew how much danger it had been in. The shepherd then turned towards me, gave a little wave and then turned his attention back to the flock. In a few moments I saw the dogs trot back as they returned to lie back down in the tall weeds near the flock. All was again very peaceful and serene.

Chris then started the car and we headed back to Porterville. Neither of us said a word for about ten miles. I finally said, “Chris, your little lamb is going to be just fine. His shepherd has His eye on him and when the time comes He will raise His arm and the next thing you know the devil will be three hills over running at top speed with his tail between his legs, being chased by the biggest angels your ever saw. God may seem to be out of reach and too far away to do anything about little Christian but He is in control. Don’t get frustrated when you think that God doesn’t hear your prayers, He hears, and He sees all and He knows the situation. He’s not going to let the devil snatch one of His little lambs.

By the way, Christian just celebrated his fifth birthday, to watch him run and play, you would never know that he has only three chambers in his heart. The doctors are amazed at his condition and say that the longer they can wait the stronger Christian will be and his chances at surviving the necessary operation will be much better. Please keep him in your prayers.

Mike Boudreaux

I am a retired law enforcement officer after thirty years of service with the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office. I live in Porterville, California and have been happily married to my wife Portia for 36 years and have two sons. Both pups have followed in the old dog’s tracks and have chosen law enforcement as their careers. Being retired I am able to devote more of my time to His service and serve on the board and as the men’s minister at our church.


The Lamb