Miracles in India

by | Jun 8, 1998 | Answered Prayers, Miracles

Dear Friend,

We thank you for lifting us in your prayers. We thank and praise God for his love and wonderful guidance in our life. We want to share what God has done in our lives through y(o)ur prayers.

I had asked you to pray for God’s guidance. (The prayer request is attached at the end of this message).

With my prayers and along with your prayer support, I took decision to join in the new job at Mangalore. God is miraculously guiding me and now and today I am completing 2 weeks in this new office. Our God, my shepherd wonderfully helped me to overcome many hurdles.

1. My new office (Infosys Technologies Ltd.) is located in Mangalore, India. I am completely a stranger in this place. I have no friends or relatives in this place. But my friend Jesus is accompanying me. My journey from Bombay to Mangalore was safe.

2. I found a good Christian fellowship here, which gives me an added encouragement and strength.

3. Our company provided temporary accommodation for a week only and then I was searching for my own rental accommodation. The property brokers here demand a huge sum, for getting rental accommodation and also a huge sum of refundable deposit. All houses I saw here, had idols (demon gods), Pooja room and pooja articles installed in the main rooms. Also, the houses are far from my office. Also the rental rates are too high. Actually it is very difficult to get good accommodation here, as thousands of our company employees have already paid much and occupied rental accommodations in and around this place. I told my friend (my shepherd and my provider (Jehova Jairah)) to get me a place with the following conditions.

1. A house without idols, the house owner should be a Christian.

2. The house should be in walk-able distance from my office.

3. Rental charge and advance deposit should be reasonable and should be less than the least of all the houses I saw so far.

4. The house should be nearer to bus stop and should be easily accessible to all required things (shops etc.)

5. The house should be a well furnished one, so that I need not spend money for furnishings.

6. I will not pay any brokerage. I should get the house directly, without any broker in the middle. Please understand me, I am not a dictator to God. But have rights to ask my friend (Jesus) boldly like this. Do you think I will get accommodation in my life, with these conditions? But I believed, because our God is a God of impossibilities. I got it. You will not believe. He found a place for me and gave it to me, fulfilling all the conditions I had asked. The house is 1.5 minutes walking distance from my office (ie. Next to my office). My seniors and other colleagues are wondering and they say, “You are extremely lucky”. All glory and praise to my God the Jehova and my friend Jesus. Now Glory be to God!. By His mighty power at work within us, He is able to accomplish infinitely more than what we would ever dare to ask or hope. Eph: 3:20

4. About company: The reason why I am telling about my company is, I did not expect this much. He has blessed me beyond my expectations and imaginations. As everyone knows ‘Infosys’ is a top leading software company in India. The company and the facilities are great and excellent. The employees here are the young top intellects (the creamy layer) from all over the country. I am praying, Lord! Am I worthy for this?. He is my shepherd.

5. They choose candidates from top Indian educational institutions(IIT & REC) and also the candidate should be a rank holder and the top five in the institution. But frankly telling you, I am not in any of these top category. I am only an average. They have chosen me may be because of my good performance in the interview and also because of my past experiences. But I know this happened not because my abilities, but because of His plan in our lives. My God is the director of this universe. He has given me a good job. I am praying for God’s wisdom , power and strength to come upon me to handle my project team and my software project. Because, without Him I can do nothing. But I can do all things though Christ who strengthens me.

6. Regarding my relieving from my previous company, it was a hurdle. People suggested me, simply leave the company with out giving any intimation. I thought of doing that, but later I realized it is wrong and it will become a snare or doorway for demon to enter and trouble me. So I boldly send resignation letter to the previous company. I have not received any reply from them sofar. Please pray for me. I believe “Every perfect gift comes from the Lord and HE will not add any trouble along with it”. So that problem will vanish, I believe.

7. Regarding my wife’s (Sobha – pronounce as Shobha) job transfer to Mangalore, I have been praying. She has applied for transfer. (She is working for a Govt. National Bank). Many others are also have applied for transfer to come to this place (Mangalore) with high influences. In addition to that, as of now there is no vacancy/need for the bank to post anybody in this place. (Already this Mangalore office has more than required staff and also none of them are now eligible for transfer to go out to other branches). Please pray for a miracle to happen in this regard. I believe God can do that because, he united us together and it is not his plan to keep us in different places. He may have some wonderful way out.

8. The most important and wonderful miracle is this. After 5 years of our married life, God has done a creative miracle. Though doctors said it is impossible to get child, God has done a creative miracle. My wife has gone to her mother’s house for delivery expecting a baby in the end of this month. By His grace she is in good health and everything is normal. Please pray for a safe and normal delivery and for a healthy child. I believe everything will be normal because I know “Every perfect gift comes from the Lord and HE will not add any trouble along with it”. But support me with your prayers.

Once again we are thanking for your prayers. Our combined prayers have made miracles in our lives. So let us rejoice because, HE has answered y(o)ur prayers. God Bless you and His name be glorified. Now Glory be to God!. By His mighty power at work within us, He is able to accomplish infinitely more than what we would ever dare to ask or hope. Eph: 3:20

Regards, ALLEN & SOBHA (Received on Friday February 16, 2001)


Miracles in India