Looking for a Church

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Martin asked us to pray for his church congregation as they were looking into the possibility of building a church. Cost was a concern as they have only 40 members. Here is God’s answer to his request:

“When we moved here there was about six to ten people meeting o Sabbath at the Company Leaders house, currently we have about 30 – 40 people attending (Praise the Lord).

This presented us with a dilemma because after we moved out of the elders house even the place where we are now renting is now too small. We started to pray for another place where we could meet. We were looking for a larger place to rent but no luck. One day we found out that there was a local J.W. church for sale for $139,900. Our Church elder said that we should look into it, but with only $15,000 in the bank for a building fund it was impossible.

To make a long story short there was a miracle and we now own a church building DEBT FREE! The price was negotiated to $100,000 and there was a $50,000 donation promised to us if we could raise the other $50,000. Within two days $20,000 was contributed from the conference, $15,000 donation from one of our elderly member, and our $15,000 in the building fund made it there.

We were discussing at the business meeting that we still need to get a Piano. By the end of the meeting one of the members that was not present there called and donated $5,000, so now we will even have a Piano. When God works He goes all the way. “

Martin, June 1999.


Looking for a Church